Kate's Space: A New Music Therapy Clinic

I held my first online fundraiser this year because in September I signed a lease on my first music therapy clinic space! I still have my office in Portland, but this space on Main Street in Saco is centrally located with plenty of parking spaces so that I can hold groups and see more individual clients at a lower cost. Since my business goals have always been to see music therapy become more accessible in Maine, this aligns well. I am also still working at Maine Medical Center, Morrison Center, and other facilities doing neurologic music therapy work, but now I have a space for my music psychotherapy practice with adults and families. 

Friends, clients, and strangers have been immensely helpful at getting this fundraiser started. They've also been immensely helpful at getting my space set up!! Thank you to everyone who has donated, shared the campaign, or stopped by to help paint or fix a doorway. Thank you to everyone who sent me suggestions of where to get items for the space at a lower rate!! Because I saved so much money on the furniture, especially, I stopped promoting the fundraiser before reaching the amount I had budgeted for. 

Now I have a new, special goal. If we can finish the fundraiser, the last $1,000 will be put into a special fund to offer a yearly scholarship to a Maine student who is studying music therapy. When I was in high school at Gorham and at USM, I received scholarships that helped me reach my goals. And after finishing my master's degree at NYU, I know how expensive a music therapy program is. Tuition, but even more so the books and instruments you'll need for this career. Every little bit helps. In the past 5 years alone, I've spoken to over 30 Maine students who are going on to study music therapy. Help me help one of them this spring with the new Sarah Jane Music Therapy Scholarship Fund!! This is named after my grandmother, who was a pianist, piano teacher, and member of the Annie Louise Cary Club. 

And please stop by during one of our open houses, October 22 & 23. Saturday from 1-3 will be an open jam session during Saco's Main St Festival, and Sunday from 1-3 will be a more formal open house. :) See you there! 

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