My response to a recent dig at Music Therapy Advocacy…/is-licensing-music-…/

Deregulating service industries places the responsibility on the consumer, many of whom don't have resources (time, networks) in order to do their own research about a field. Deregulation also brings down the respect for that field because even if 70% Of music therapists are doing great work, if someone chooses an unvetted silly person- that's what they'll remember and tell others about the work.
AND it's devaluing education. Why bother to get a degree in anything if you can just watch YouTube videos and hang a shingle on your new (insert procedure) Clinic? There's something to be said about conservatism and personal responsibility- and then there's the realities of education levels in this country and there is good reason to protect the public. While I do think that it's a bit of a reach to say there is a danger presented to the public by non MTBCs providing music (for entertainment or education), there is danger in an uneducated guitar-holder providing music therapy. To the client, and to the person providing a service in a space they can't properly hold.