Meet our new office assistant!

Maine Music & Health is growing and changing! I'm excited to announce a new team member, Jacilyn Spencer. Jacilyn is the new part time office assistant, who will be preparing some of our educational materials as well as keeping in touch with all of you via social media! It's wonderful to have someone with such a diverse skill set and positive personality rounding out this small business. Jacilyn is a perfect fit for Maine Music & Health and I'm thrilled to be working with her. Say hi if you get a chance! 

KB) What does music mean to you?

JS) Music has always been a very important part of my life, I grew up learning the piano and I've always felt that music is one of the true languages of the world.

KB) You've started as part time for us. Where else do you spend your time?

JS) Currently, I work at BBCH as a CNA. I love working with kids, they're funny and resilient and it's great to see them get better! I'm also a Communications and Media intern at SPACE as well. SPACE is phenomenal and if you haven't you should go, they have something for everyone! Every 2nd and 4th Monday, I get to photograph Monday of the Minds, a Community Hip Hop Showcase, it's been amazing to watch my friends grow over the past couple years, every show brings something different and I'm happy I get to meet so many new people! When I'm not doing that or the occasional freelancing, you can find me reading or playing with my silly cats Melody and Fat Walter.

KB) Do you have any favorite music?

JS) I'll admit, I'm a sucker for a good pianist, but I love just about every instrument! I feel like I have a rotating roster of musicians and albums, lately Hamilton has been getting a ton of play at home. I also enjoy Iron & Wine and Thelonious Monk. I love soundtracks, if you haven't heard it yet the Blank Panther soundtrack is amazing but I'll listen to a little bit of everything! 

KB) What else should we know about you?

JS) I have a great love of pickles. My cats are pretty great too, if you ask nicely, I almost always have a funny pic of them handy. I have a jungle of succulents and I'm always happy to give some of my babies away.

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