Music Therapy for Processing Emotion in Clients with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

This tension is representative of the aforementioned difficult emotions- suspense, uncertainty, sadness- and the resolution can help listeners move through these issues to a resolution of positivity. Unresolved tensions in music, as well as key changes or rhythmic surprises, can help listeners learn to deal with unexpected changes and accept them.

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Decoding the Therapy Alphabet (and choosing the best fit!)

To recap, if you’re looking for a therapist, look for the following:

I.               Intensive academic study in their field.

II.             Supervised clinical experience.

III.           Certification, Registration, or Licensure.

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Week in the Life of Maine Music & Health

In the afternoon I headed to York for a music therapy group in which we are working on breath support through singing and recorder playing.  

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"My life will fight in my body for air, 'cause your voices are all there" -Matisyahu

Nick, however, is honest about his reality and willing to talk about both the good and bad parts.  This kind of attitude seems to be the key to moving forward in life.

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Clive Robbins

I don’t know of anyone who met Clive who wasn’t deeply touched by him. His lectures were moving, his work was magical, and his legacy will live on through the students he was selflessly teaching each week and the clients he helped.

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