Kate has introduced Music Therapy to the Living Well Oncology Program through grant funding. What started as an 8 week program has grown to a twice a year, multi week program using music to help cancer survivors cope and heal from a life changing diagnosis. Kate skillfully incorporates listening, learning and interpreting music into a program that is individually meaningful. She has created lyrics and music with the groups as well as teaching new skills~ reading and playing music. The feedback from the participants of these programs has been very positive. The Music Therapy has helped with relaxation, managing stress, refocusing energy and allowing creativity to return. One individual summed up the program by saying, “Music Therapy has brought me back to life.”
— Elisa Fraser, Physical Therapist at York Hospital
Kate is a compassionate, talented, focused and insightful therapist and an excellent team member who possesses a high degree of reliability. Patients responded very favorably to Kate’s interventions as she facilitated meaningful and enjoyable sessions, which helped them to communicate and find comfort during times of pain and distress.
— Karen Popkin, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Working with Kate was refreshing and a true pleasure. Her love of music and teaching influenced the lives of over 50 of Frannie Peabody Center’s program participants through the music class she facilitated that followed our health education initiative. Kate’s ability to connect with and inspire the women, despite language barriers and cultural differences, demonstrated the beauty of music and of Kate as a teacher and human being.
— Jess Long, Frannie Peabody Center
Kate is absolutely fantastic. She did a wonderful job working with our members. The kids really looked forward to seeing her each week and learning/playing instruments. Kate is very passionate in the work she does and our whole Clubhouse enjoyed having her around.
— Ray Ruby Unit Director South Portland Boys & Girls Club
It’s not just Kate playing a guitar. There is a purpose to the group... she has an awareness of the different needs of the individuals.
— Denae Gendron-Mallari, Affinity
Kate is amazing!! She loves what she does and it shows. She has instruments of every kind that inspire consumers to participate. My son, Ben, had private lessons with another friend for several months until he had medical issues arise. When we found out Kate was at MMC “doing her thing”, we were so pleased. She would stop by every week to see my son in his hospital room, as he could not go to the atrium area, and it was the highlight of his week. When he would see her coming, he knew “Every little thing is going to be alright” (Three Little Birds by Bob Marley).
— Cindy, Mom to Ben, age 16